Ultra Tec Updates

New V5 Review

John Dyer reviews the Ultra Tec Digital Angle Dial

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DAD Review

John Dyer reviews the Ultra Tec Digital Angle Dial

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Report and analysis of the DAD by Brad Amos-a recognized and respected scientist at Cambridge University.

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Ultra Tec maintains prices regardless of inflation.

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contact information

John Dyer & Co.
5021 Vernon Ave. S. Suite 123
Edina, MN 55436



price list

For a list of Ultra Tec prices in PDF click here 

In listing John as your Sales Representative you will not end up paying any more since the prices are fixed by the manufacturer and everyone must sell for the same price. So if you would please list me as your sales representative I would appreciate it very much.

It will also encourage me to continue to add further information to this site.

Thank you! 

John Dyer


To download an order form please click here

Alternatively email your order to:  info@ultratec-facet.com.uk

Please don't forget to include: Your name, Your sales representative (in this case, John Dyer), Shipment address, List of items desired, Payment method w/ accompanying details (e.g. credit card number). It is recommended that you fax or call in the credit card # for security reasons.

Or fax your order to: 1-714-542-0627

Shipping time: If machines are in stock (they usually are) the typical shipping time by Ultra Tec's standard method (UPS Ground), currently ranges from 4-6 days to the East Coast to 1-4 days to the West Coast. If accelerated shipment is wanted - next day, second day, etc. - call Richard at 714-542-0608 for an estimate.

Note: The Ultra Tech Digital Angle Dial is not on the list but is available for $790 - Item # 1314.1

There may also be a possibility of trading in your dial indicator attachment to get a $100 discount on the Digital Angle Dial. I am not sure if this offer is still valid.